ARTICLE SUMMERY: As designers color is one of the tools that sit on the top tray in our tool boxes. In a global economy it takes people only mere seconds to decide whether to leave or stay on your website.

HOW TO USE COLOR TO EVOKE POWERFUL EMOTIONS IN YOUR DESIGN” by Renee Fleck is a look at the psychology of color and the affects color can have on people visiting your website. Some of the things we should be taking into account are

  • How does color influence emotion
  • The impact color has on people’s perceptions
  • The profound effect on Brand Awareness

Renee Fleck also helps you understand the different types of color scheme patterns and how to use them along with the 60-30-10 rule when designing our websites to give them maximum curb appeal.

Renee Fleck reminds us “A good color palette can’t be rushed. It’s rare to come up with a winning color palette on your first try. Even with years of experience, most designers spend days or even weeks finalizing color palettes for their designs. Color’s impact cannot be understated, so spending time on this portion of the design will pay off in the end product.”

Also check out the links at the bottom of the page, this is a great resource for color usage..

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