ARTICLE SUMMERY: In todays technological world of websites and e-commerce good design and branding are a must if you are going to make it todays online marketplace.

WHAT EVERY PRODUCT DESIGNER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT BRAND” is a crash course in design and branding essentials that every designer should know.

Elena Gurney is correct that the lines between design and strategy are blurring and her article will help clarify the difference between the two. To give us an in-depth understanding she has broken this article into two parts,

  • Part 1: What brand is, what it’s not, and 5 big reasons it matters
  • Part 2: 8 steps to build a great brand — with resources and tips from my time at IDEO

At the bottom of the article Elena Gurney has curated a list of resources and exercises to help you further understand and enhance your design and branding capabilities.

This article is well worth taking the time to read, let us know what you think in the comments.