ARTICLE SUMMERY: Inspiration can come from almost anywhere, home, office, or designs of the past.

ICONIC BRAND GUIDELINES AND LOGO MANUALS FROM 60S, 70S AND 80S” looks at the most popular logos of that time and the brand guidelines that made them the works of art that they are. Also included is a brief history behind the development of these logos. Some of those brands highlighted include

  • NASA
  • New York City Transit Authority

Today’s brands seem to pay less attention to the details that made these older brands great. Throughout the article there are links to pdfs for each logo showing you in great detail how their logo would be presented to the public in any setting. Whether it was letterheads, stationary, envelopes, clothes, corporate planes or machines no placement was left to chance.

With the advent of the internet and the development of websites and more brands showing up online than in print, brand guidelines are more of an afterthought in this fast paced world.

Sometimes a look back in history will provide the inspiration we need for the future, especially in design, let us know what you think in the comments.