ARTICLE SUMMERY: With the COVID-19 virus still impacting lives on a global scale we also live in time of unprecedented personal and professional opportunities.

With todays technology and the resources available to us we can explore any topic under the sun, the world of learning is at our fingertips on any subject known to man.

It has been said many times, “the more you learn, the more you earn.” But in “WHY YOU SHOULDN’T STOP LEARNING (AND SPECIALLY AT THIS TIME)” by Juan Marcos we discover there is more to learning than improving our financial standing. A few of these benefits of continued education are

  • It’s a health fact: learning rewires your brain and renews your neurons
  • The world is not ending: we’re going to overcome this and in a short-term future and everything will raise up again and those new skills will be very useful
  • More education means more social progress

If we are not learning we stagnate, if we stagnate we get left behind, if we get left behind it becomes harder to compete in today’s global market.

Even as the COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted it is still to our advantage to avail ourselves to any and all online resources to learn something new or stay up to date in our respective fields of work.

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