ARTICLE SUMMERY “I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY” is a collection of articles by John Boardley chronicling historical events in typography and the innovations in the printing industry.

Some of the historical events affected by typography and the printing industry were not just innovations in the way items were printed, he also shows the impact on political events of the day as well.

The collection includes

  • Black Print
  • The Most Dangerous Book in the World
  • Road-trips & the Invention of Print

While many know and appreciate how typography has enhanced the aesthetics of the printed page, many do not realize the influence it exerts over us in every aspect of our daily life. Whether its newspapers, sales circulars, political signs and mailings or billboards, they all consist of type designed to influence you in a particular direction.

Along with these articles John Boardley includes “Fun With Fonts“, quizzes to challenge your type and print history knowledge to help keep you on your toes.

It’s good to look back to get a sense of where we are headed in a historical context in any business or endeavor. Let us know what you think in the comments.