ARTICLE SUMMERY: As technology advances Artificial Intelligence is making inroads into more businesses than ever before.

“LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT GPT-3 AI TWEET THAT SHOOK DESIGNERS TO THE CORE” is about the beginning of AI and it’s introduction into the design world.

Jonathan Lee discusses the various reactions to this from several points of view, from

  • “We’re going to get automated — it’s just a matter of time.”
  • “Graphic designers are probably still significantly safer than UX “designers”
  • “If all you’re able to create through this is an app that looks like a knockoff of Instagram, we have nothing to freak out about.”

Jonathan Lee looks into a number of fears voiced by designers and others who have been affected by AI before this. He looks back to 2015 when the creative industry embraced doing away with having to manually define height, width, colors and drop shadows on photos or illustrations. It removed a layer of painstaking labour to our workflow that freed up our time to work on other creative pursuits..

For Jonathan Lee the point of the article is “AI will expedite our workflow in a way where some of that grunt work will no longer bury us in tedium. This will allow for more creative exploration and imaginative thinking — freeing us to discover new design paradigms. In the case of AI, it’s a matter of harnessing it. Do as what AEC is doing at Autodesk and make it about solving the problem and leave the rest to the machines.”

Fascinating stuff, let us know what you think in the comments.