ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to being a web designer there is a lot to know, so much that there is a good possibility you have a few holes in what you know that is affecting your work.

To help you zero in on and identify your weaknesses Eric Karkovack wrote “IDENTIFYING AND IMPROVING YOUR WEAKNESSES AS A WEB DESIGNER“. In this article Eric Karkovack defines “a weakness as something that holds you back”. To help you improve the weaknesses you may have he suggests the following

  • Set Realistic Goals For Yourself
  • Make Some Time
  • Focus

As Eric says “The hardest part of identifying your weaknesses is in filtering through all of the hype. If we only measured ourselves against the headlines, every one of us would come up woefully short.” This article helps you keep from a scattered approach to improving your weaknesses and helps you zero in on what you really need to know.

The more you improve the better it is for you and your clients and will aid in increasing your business.

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