ARTICLE SUMERY: Carlos G de Villaumbrosia takes a trip down memory lane in his article “NEVER FORGET: THE 90S PRODUCTS WE LOVED” covering all innovations of the 90s.

Carlos G de Villaumbrosia points out the companies of yesteryear laying the foundations of some of the top internet companies of today. Companies like AOL that laid the groundwork for Slack, WhatsApp iMessaging. There was Napster that led to todays music streaming apps that made CDs and portable disc player a distant memory. Long before Youtube, Netflix and Hulu there was RealNetworks forming the basis for todays video streaming.

Carlos G de Villaumbrosia concludes stating that “Almost all technology today has an ancestral counterpart that was born in the nineties. The cushy nature that apps and products provide now is largely due to the vision that Product Managers in the previous decades were building.”

It’s interesting and enlightening to look back and see how these modern day wonders actually began and to see what were the foundations of todays technology built on, let us know what you think in the comments.