ARTICLE SUMMARY: One of the more confusing aspects of design is how analytics plays a part in how we design and how we get our website out front and center on as many search engines as possible.

SEO CONCEPTS SIMPLIFIED – HOW TO SHOW UP IN SEARCH, GET ON PAGE 1 AND DRIVE MORE SALES” takes your questions on this topic and gives you easy to understand explanations on how to achieve this. A few of the questions answered are

  • I Built A Website, Why Am I Not Getting Any Visitors?
  • How Do I Make Sure My Website is Listed on Search Engines?
  • How Does A Search Engine Spider “Read” My Website?

Mark Blackford compares your website to a brick and mortar store in location with minimal foot traffic and what would happen to that store sooner than later if your location isn’t changed. This is a great analogy to help you understand how important SEO is to you as a designer and to your clients trying to make it in the digital market place.

The old saying still holds true, “The more you learn the more you earn.” The more you learn about SEO the greater success you will enjoy in the global market.

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