ARTICLE SUMMARY: More often than not the first thing you see when going to any website is their logo. Your logo makes the all important first impression that will make the difference between whether to investigate your website further or move on.

In Kaejon Misuraca‘s “THE 5 ESSENTIAL TRAITS OF ICONIC LOGOS” he stresses the importance of your logo and helps you design a logo that will remain in the minds of your customers for years to come. His suggestions to help you achieve this are

  • Keep It Simple
  • Keep it Appropriate
  • Make it Distinctive
  • Make it Versatile
  • Make It Timeless

While on the face of it it sounds easy. It is anything but, especially when it comes to making your logo timeless. The examples given in this article and explanations on why they are timeless will help you achieve this goal for you and your clients.

Kaejon Misuraca‘s final piece of advice is think more about subtracting elements than adding them. This doesn’t mean you should remove everything from the logo. Instead, think about why each element is needed and how it communicates your brand to the world.

When it comes to designing logos we need all the help we can get, let us know what you think in the comments.