ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is a lot to be said about nostalgia these days, especially when it comes to marketing. Everybody is looking back at the good old days and longing for their return.

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL POWER OF NOSTALGIA IN BURGER KING’S THROWBACK LOGO” by Michael Beausoleil is a look into why nostalgia in design works and who most likely is to be swayed by it. Some of the reasons it works is

  • It Makes You Trust the Brand More
  • You Remember the Good, Not the Bad
  • Sad People View You More Favorably

There are many more reasons discussed on why designing with nostalgia in mind is not a bad thing and should be considered depending on the product or service being promoted.

One of the more interesting points made was how at one time nostalgia was considered a serious mental disorder and now it is considered a more favored design tool. Nostalgia is a psychological phenomenon that can be used to evoke positive feelings, especially associated with millennials.

This is great article to help you understand why and when to incorporate nostalgia in your design. We would be interested to know what you think in the comments.