ARTICLE SUMMARY: I am willing to bet there are a lot of people out there who look at print and digital products and wonder how did this person come up with this stuff, did a light bulb just go on, did it come to them in a dream?

There are studies out there that look at inspiration and have many theories as to where those ideas come from. For designers their ideas are just the beginning of the journey to the finished project.

Unless you have a plan all those ideas will never achieve the intended result or solve the problem you were hired to fix. Enter design principles.

The Principles of Graphic Design” are essential because they provide a framework and guidelines for creating effective designs. Some of the principles discussed in this article are

  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Hierarchy

These and the other principles talked about help designers communicate messages clearly and effectively, whether in print, digital media, advertising, or any other visual communication medium.

They help designers with the creation and arrangement of visual elements to communicate a message or convey information in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner in their designs.

The use of these principles will help you design with purpose by giving function to every single element in a composition. Communicating a clear message isn’t only about the message but how we carry it to delivery cleanly and clearly.

This is a great article for new designers as well as a refresher for the seasoned designer.

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