ARTICLE SUMMARY: In any Industry as technology progresses new terminology comes along to describe our new concepts and processes.

UX has always been in a constant state of flux, and consequently our basic vocabulary never settles.

UX Vocabulary Inflation” by Jakob Nielsen is a look at the problem Vocabulary Inflation causes and what to do about it. He explains the

  • Cost of Vocabulary Inflation
  • Why Vocabulary Inflation Plagues UX
  • Solving Vocabulary Inflation in UX

With an unstable vocabulary you end up with several different terms for the same action or job causing confusion that usually ends up costing the designer time and money. It is a problem when people do not stick to the standard vocabulary of any industry.

It’s worth noting that language evolves naturally, and some level of terminology development is expected in any field, including UX design. However, it’s essential to be mindful of these potential challenges to ensure effective communication, collaboration, and a shared understanding of UX principles within the industry.

This is a great article for all designers.

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