ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s hard to believe the changes Artificial Intelligence has brought to design and the tools we use, and more importantly, how we use these new tools.

Not that long ago who could have seen that in the near future design would be seeing AI pave the way for the language-driven generation rather than the hand-crafted creation of a huge range of assets, far beyond what it can accomplish today.

The top skills that designers will need in the next 10 years are likely to evolve in response to technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors and emerging design trends.

In “The top skills designers & creators will need to develop in the next 10 years to stay ahead of the curve,” Chris Ashby explores what it’s going to take to make it in design in the future and how to get there. He looks at having a

  • Strategic Vision
  • Developing your Storytelling and presenting skills
  • Solitary & Small Team Problem Solving

As AI advances, designers will find themselves managing multiple AI-driven tools and operators rather than the management of actual human beings.

Chris Ashby says this is a speculative list of skills that we might need in the future, so definitely don’t drop everything to learn these overnight. We should be aware of these skills, and based on the trajectory of AI and the advancement of AI tools, we should look at opportunities to add these skills as well as leveraging them in our work to create and build value and opportunity for ourselves in the future.

By developing a diverse set of skills and staying adaptable and open to learning designers can position themselves for success in the evolving design landscape.

This article is a great read for all designers of every stripe.

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