ARTICLE SUMMARY: We spend a lot of time taking about color, the importance of color can not be overstated.

Your color palette is the key pillar of a brand’s identity, has a clear impact on the perception of the brand by both the user and the employees. and because it is linked to an emotional aspect for each of us.

As time marches on there may come a time when you may need to revamp a brand’s color palette. When it comes to revamping color palettes it is a real challenge that will take a lot of work and collaboration with clients, brand designers, product designers, and tech people. No small feat.

Should the time arrive that we need to do work on our color palette Jérôme Benoit has written “THE TORTUOUS JOURNEY OF ENHANCING OUR COLOR PALETTE” to help navigate those waters. To give us an idea why he talks about

  • Clutter & Legacy
  • Simplify our designer’s journey
  • Accessibility

Then he follows up with “The Process” and gives you direction, a

  • Starting Point
  • Iterations
  • What will the new palette look like

This is an in-depth article that will benefit the new and seasoned designer alike and well worth reading.

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