ARTICLE SUMMARY: The average person has no clue what good design is or how it is achieved. They only know they either like your design or they don’t.

As designers we need to know what makes a design look good or we go hungry, or worse yet we could be forced to find another line of work that will crush our creativity.

WHY DOES A DESIGN LOOK GOOD?” by Sarah Gibbons and Kelley Gordon explores what makes a design look good and more importantly why. They look at the three major components that make up a good design

  • Typography and Spacing
  • Hierarchy and Color 
  • Consistency

As Sarah Gibbons and Kelley Gordon write,”Designs do not look good by chance. Each decision in a design should be made with intention, ideally backed up by a visual-design system.”

This is a great article for beginning designers as well as a reminder to seasoned designers on what it takes to achieve good design. Understanding and following the examples provided by Sarah Gibbons and Kelley Gordon is a good start to consistently designing a website that will hold the visitors attention.

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